How do I delete a site?

As a safeguard to accidentally deleting a site you can only delete a site once you delete all the content in it.

In other words if you want to delete a site you need to delete each post, photo and page, and each section too (along with categories in a section) - only then will a ‘Delete this site’ button appear in the site’s Config screen.

We don’t recommend deleting a site. Why not simply change the name or domain, adapt the content, and re-purpose the site for something else?

Deleting a section

In a post, photo or pod section first delete all the content within the section:

  • delete all the posts and categories within a post section
  • delete all the images and albums within a photo section
  • delete all the pods and collections within a pod section

Only after all the ‘sub’ content within a section is deleted will you be able to delete a section: click the section icon for this option.

Deleting a contact page

Tank does not allow you to delete a page that holds child-pages which is the case with most contact pages. Navigate to the thanks page first (the child page), delete it, and then navigate to the contact page (the parent page) and delete that.

The same logic holds for any page that contains child pages: you won’t be able to delete the parent page before all the child pages are deleted.