How do 'photos' work?

Photos - or photo sections - form content of a more visual nature; this data-type can be used to quickly publish a portfolio or build up galleries and albums for a more visually-focused site.

Ordering albums and photos

Images within albums can be dragged up or down to order them, and albums within a photo section can be ordered either alphabetically or reverse-chronologically. A photo section always lives at the root of a site, or, in our language, mounted to the root of your site.

Displaying photos

All images are automagically thumb-nailed and resized to fit the parameters of your current skin - all you need to do is upload the original and we take it from there.

Uploading many images at the same time

We know it can be a drag uploading images one at a time but a modern browser will allow you to (shift) select multiple images at the same time, and upload them all together. We�ll take care of the rest: but for best results keep your archive file clear of non-supported file-types and folders, and make sure all files are named uniquely.

You can still add images one-by-one; we suggest a work-flow of uploading multiple files at the same time to populate your albums initially, and then add new images individually as you go along.