How do sections work?

All sections are further configurable: a section’s name* and description can easily be changed, sections can be shifted around to other navigational groups, and sections can be activated or deactivated if required.

Depending on the data-type of a section certain basic settings become available:

  • on a post section choose how many posts to display
  • on a photo section choose how to order albums and how to display photos
  • on a pod section choose how to order collections

Depending on what skin you are using the following advanced settings become available for each section of your site:

  • comment settings (enable or disable comments)
  • user-generated content settings (enable or disable user-generated content)

*Please note that we suggest not to change the name of a section often: bear in mind that if you change the name of a section you also change the url of that section. Someone might have bookmarked it, or even more likely, a search engine might have already indexed it.