How cancellations work

Upgraded sites can be canceled by visiting the site's Config screen and following the appropriate 'cancel' link, situated in the sidebar.


When can I cancel my upgraded site?

Due to the nature of our billing run and as per our terms of service cancellations are possible only from the 1st till the 25th of the month, not in the last couple of days of a month.

How a cancellation works

As soon as you confirm the cancellation your site will be downgraded back to the starter plan with immediate effect. Your site will remain accessible, your content will remain intact and your site will not be deleted. You will not be invoiced for the site again unless you choose to upgrade it at a later stage.

What happens to my site?

Your site will remain active at its current domain until the end of the month. If you have exceeded the initial storage limitation file uploads will be disabled until such a time as you choose to upgrade your site again.

Should I delete my content?

You don't have to delete any of the content you added unless you want to make space for new content.

What about my domain?

Please make arrangements to have it transferred elsewhere if it was registered through us.

What about a refund?

Sorry: no pro-rated refunds are given for cancellations once invoices are issued as per our Terms of Service.

What if I accidentally downgrade my site?

If you have accidentally or inadvertently canceled your site you can easily and quickly restore it by upgrading it again.