How payment, invoicing & billing work

Our invoicing & billing cycle runs month to month, at the beginning of each month. This means your site is effectively paid for a month in advance, for a month at a time.

Payment methods

We only accept payments by debit order from either bank accounts (for our South African users) or selected credit card providers (Visa/Mastercard). Debit orders are an effective and secure alternative to sending money in cash, by cheque or stop order.

Payment details can be entered upon account activation, and can be updated at anytime after too.

Please note upon account activation you'll be required to return a signed debit order mandate either electronically (scanned) or via fax.

Initial invoice

Sites are invoiced for upon initial site upgrade. This means sites are effectively paid for a month, or part of a month, in advance.

Domain registrations are invoiced together with the site upgrade invoice if and when possible. Domain registration fees are effectively paid for a year in advance, after which a renewal fee will be applicable if the site is still accessible on the relevant domain.

Recurring invoices

Upgraded sites are invoiced for on the 1st working day of each month, effectively for a month in advance.

Billing runs

Weekly billing runs

All invoices issued during the course of the month, and all outstanding and/or unpaid invoices, are grouped and debited weekly on the first working day (usually a Monday) following the week they were issued in; except for invoices generated in the last week of the month which are grouped together with the monthly billing run of the following month.

Monthly billing runs

All outstanding and/or unpaid invoices from the month before, as well as all invoices for the month, are grouped and debited on the 1st working day of each month.

How do I access my invoice(s)?

All invoices are emailed upon issuance to the site owner, or to the 'Billing email address' as setup in your 'Account / Personal & Password Details' screen. All past invoices are saved for future reference in your 'Account / Statement' screen. Please visit your 'Account' screen to download invoices should you require them.


Upgraded sites can be canceled by visiting the site's Config screen and following the appropriate link 'cancel' link. Due to the nature of our billing run cancellations are possible only from the 1st till the 25th of the month, not in the last couple of days of a month.

Find out more about how cancellations work.