The upgrade process

We use the term 'upgrade' in two distinct areas: activating your account, and upgrading a site.

Activating your account

When you activate your account you do two things: (1) you confirm that all your personal & contact details are correct, and (2) you enter your preferred payment method. This can be either debit card (for our South African users) or credit card, it depends on you. Once you have upgraded your account you can register domains and upgrade individual sites.

Please note that during the activation of your account you will not be billed: we invoice for upgraded sites & domain registrations only.

Upgrading your site(s)

Once you've activated your account you can upgrade your site(s) too: this is as simple as following the link to 'Upgrade this site' from the relevant site's Config screen, choosing a pricing point for the site, and indicating whether you want to register a domain or use an existing domain for the site.

Find out what a site upgrade entails.