How do I link an image?

First, upload an image to the content you are editing. Once the image is available you will notice the embed code appear next to the freshly uploaded image. Simply copy and paste the embed code - [[image id]] - into your content and save. The relevant image will be displayed, but this image isn't linked yet.

Linking images with Markdown

Your image can now be linked by appending round brackets with a link URL to the embed code of an image:

[[image id]](url)

The link URL is always placed in round brackets after the image URL which is always placed in square brackets, following a similar convention as unique internal links generated elsewhere.

Linking images with HTML, ID method

Wrap an anchor tag around the image embed code to link it where necessary:

<a href="">[[image id]]</a>

Remember to close the anchor tag afterward.

Linking images with HTML, URL method

Wrap an anchor and img tag around the image URL to link it where necessary:

<a href=""><img src="/url-of-image/"></a>

Remember to close the anchor tag afterward.