What are skins?

Skins determine the way the data you input into the app renders. Skins consist of template files and these template files interact with 2 aspects: your data which determine what content is presented where and our XHTML files which determine what this presentation looks like.

What were we thinking?

We've engineered our basic skins to address what we believe to be common site structures: most websites either have navigation in the header, or navigation in the sidebar, or a logo in the header, or a logo in the sidebar, and so forth. Common screen resolutions are 800x600 or 1024x768. Common-place structures tend to include a header, a sidebar, a footer, and a content area.

We've looked at these commonalities and created blank canvasses accordingly. It's now up to you to see what you can do with these canvasses in terms of your content, your identity, and your ideas.

How do I change things on a skin?

Each skin ships with a slightly different line-up of skin settings. Change these settings at anytime to get the most out of your site.