The 'imagegrid' widget

Upload multiple images to a page or post, drag-and-drop to order the sequence, and use [[imagegrid]] to 'grid' all the images present in the content area. Images within the grid click through to a larger, inline preview.

How does it work?

Image grids are created from either images uploaded to a page or post, or can be created from selected images in an album within an existing photo section. This means any page or post can quickly be turned into an image grid, or an existing album can just as quickly be embedded into a page or a post.

What to keep in mind

Image grids accept certain parameters too, and you need to finely tune them to get them to work properly and in tune with your content:

[[imagegrid id width=140 cols=3]]

Parameters used in this example:

  • width=140
  • cols=3

Default parameters:

  • width=220 (width of images inside the grid)
  • cols=2 (amount of columns in the grid)
  • gap=20 (spacing between the images)

Optional parameters:

  • crop=true (defaults to false)
  • skipcss=true (defaults to false)
  • lightbox=false (defaults to true)
  • count=n (amount of images in the grid, defaults to all, or all selected images)

By default the widget writes supporting CSS as an inline <style> block for the grid. This can be turned off if you want to customise it further yourself.