The 'slideshow' widget

Upload multiple images with a similar aspect ratio to a page or post, drag-and-drop to order the sequence, grab the embed code & paste it anywhere to create an inline, standards-compliant slideshow.

How does it work?

Slideshows are created from either images uploaded to a page or post, or can be created from selected images in an album within an existing photo section. This means any page or post can quickly be turned into a slideshow, or an existing album can just as quickly be embedded into a page or a post. You will notice the slideshow embed codes appear in the relevant places: simply grab the code and paste it where you want to embed the widget.

Slideshows are non-interactive: on a slideshow you will see only pause and play controls, not previous and next controls which you'll find in the 'gallery' widget.



[[slideshow id align=middle]]

Default parameters:

  • speed=1000 (time in milliseconds)
  • timeout=4000 (time in milliseconds)
  • descriptions=true|false (defaults to false)

Optional parameters:

  • align=middle (defaults to none)

What to keep in mind

Slideshows follow the same resizing rules as regular images: they are automatically sized down to fit into the restraints of the area you place them in. They also work best with images of similar dimensions: images that are not formatted the same as others might look odd within the sequence.

One other thing you need to bear in mind is that although it appears that only one image is present all the images in the widget load into your page at the same time. Don't overdo it and load too many images up: it will affect page-load times and the eventual experience of your visitors. Aim for quality, not quantity.