How to add a background to your site

Create a background image

You can create a tiled background image with an online tool like or buy one from a shop Once you are happy with the result download the tile to your desktop.

Alternatively use an image editing application to create a background image for your site.

Upload and link up your background tile

Upload the background image to the Skin / Code screen. Once this is done you need to include the relevant CSS below to ensure the background is applied to the right element gets: background images are usually applied to the <body> element.

This code will style the <body> element accordingly:

<style type="text/css">
body {
background:#fff url(/path/to/background.img) repeat scroll 0 0;

Note that you need to replace /path/to/background.img with the actual file reference to your background image - the one you uploaded earlier. Save the Code screen and reload your site and your background should appear.