How to add email to your site

Google Apps is a paid-for service from Google for using custom domain names with several Google products; including fast, searchable email with less spam. Your domain has been readied by us to easily setup Google Apps on it, keep on reading to find out how you can setup email on your own domain using Google Apps.

Please note: the correct terminology is in fact adding email to your domain, not to your site. You are required to register a domain before you can run through this how-to. Be sure to replace all instances of '' in the instructions with your domain.

Also note: this is email on your own domain, not a 'Gmail address', as is sometimes believed. In this case Gmail is used as an online email client, POP & IMAP is readily available too.

Other requirements: your site needs to be both upgraded (live at its own domain) and set to public, not private, in order to setup Google Apps on your domain.

We've created all the required MX records already

Your new domain ( has been prepped by us for the steps below: all you are doing is filling in your own information, accepting the terms & conditions and saying 'done' on a couple of steps, and everything should just work.

The sign-up process

Get started with Google Apps for Business: and follow their instructions until one of the requirements below is called for:

Verifying ownership via the 'Upload an HTML file' method

Activating your Google Apps account means you need to verify that you own

Step 1 - Select the 'Upload an HTML file' option

Step 2 - Copy the verification code into your Tank site

Copy the code generated - it looks something like this: googlef9b9b99999c999 - and paste this into the Config / Services screen in the Google Apps code field. Remember: this step happens over in Tank, & the code above is a sample code.

Step 3 - googlehostedservice.html is created automatically

This creates googlehostedservice.html in the root of your site automatically, and you can now choose 'I've completed the steps above' back in the Google Apps screen to verify that you own the domain.

Please note that you do not need to upload an HTML file, or need to know how to do that - simply follow these instructions and this file will be created without the need for uploading it.

Verifying ownership via the meta tag method

Or choose the option: Add a meta tag to your site's home page to verify that you own your domain please follow these instructions:

Copy the meta tag generated and paste this into the Config / Tracking and Code screen in the Header code field.

Remember: this step happens over in Tank, please use the meta code generated by Google Apps.

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