How does navigation work?

Tank allows for three types of navigation: global nav, utility nav and hidden nav.

Within each navigational group (or hierarchy) we allow ordering, which means you can fine-tune your site to your own requirements, and re-order anything to your requirements.

  • Global navigation is the most common navigation aspect of a site, and is usually placed in the header of a site. We refer to sub-navigation aspects of the global navigation as local navigation - as these two live hand-in-hand.

  • Many sites consist of global navigation only, but sometimes there is a need for a second form of navigation: utility navigation. These aspects usually live in the footer of a site and consist of auxiliary information not essential to the primary communication goal of your site.

  • We also allow for hidden navigation, and, as its name implies these navigational elements are hidden from most of your users: until you either inform them of its existence or link to it explicitly most of your users will never find these aspects.

Navigational grouping happens on a section-by-section level: in other words only data at the root of your site can be adjusted according to these specifications, all other elements inherit their navigational grouping from their parents.

Reordering navigation

Visit the your site’s sitemap to re-order the navigation. You can drag pages and sections to order them accordingly.

Hierarchical ordering

Apart from being able to re-order within navigation groupings you can now drag navigation items between global, utility & hidden navigation groupings. Try it and see.