How do sites work?

A site is a collection of pages, posts, photos and other content that all ‘live under’ a single domain or subdomain. A site is assigned belongs to a single account however multiple users can access the site to edit it, should that be required.

The visibility of a site can be configured to be:

  • public
  • hidden from search engines
  • private (requires log-in)
  • design mode (under construction)

Price points

See our pricing for pricing.

How many sites may I have?

You can create as many sites as your require under one account. Manage your own site, create a site for friends or family, or try out a new business idea. Sites can be upgraded at anytime, and sites can be reassigned to others if required. All sites you create as well as the sites you have access to (that others create) will show up in your dashboard.

How do I delete a site?

As a safeguard to accidentally deleting a site we only allow for site deletion once all content in a site is deleted. If you want to delete a site you need to delete each post, photo and page, and each section too - only then will a ‘Delete this site’ button appear in the site’s Config screen. Please see ‘How do I delete a site?’ for further information.

We don’t recommend deleting a site. Why not simply change the name or domain, adapt the content, and re-purpose the site for something else?