How do I place images in my content?

Use the image embed code to quickly and easily place images almost anywhere in a Tank site.

How do I display images from my desktop?

First, upload an image to the content you are editing. Once the image is available you will notice the image embed code appear next to the freshly uploaded image. Simply copy and paste the embed code - which looks something like this [[image #file_ID#]] - into your content and save. Bear in mind in your case the hashed file_ID will be replaced by a real numeric identifier so it will look slightly different than this.

Now reload your page to view the image within your content.

How do I align images?

To align an image to the left, center or right insert the appropriate alignment code after the hashed file_ID, and before the closing brackets:


What the original image embed code could looks like:

[[image #file_ID#]]

And what the image embed code code looks like after inserting the alignment code:

[[image #file_ID# align=left]]
[[image #file_ID# align=center]]
[[image #file_ID# align=right]]

Bear in mind when an image is aligned surrounding text will wrap around the image so you'll either need to play with the text-based content or image size.

How do I link an image?

Images can be linked by appending round brackets with a link URL to the embed code of an image:

[[image #file_ID#]](url)

The link URL is always placed in round brackets after the image URL which is always placed in square brackets, following a similar convention as unique internal links generated elsewhere.

Resizing images

Images placed within appropriate content areas are always sized down to fit into the respective content area. Arbitrary image resizing is not allowed for: in order to achieve that please ensure your images are resized before you upload them to the app.