How to submit your site to the search engines

A submission to Google, Yahoo & Bing will allow them to start indexing your site; effectively 'telling' them about your site's existence.

Submit your site to Google

Click here to submit a URL to Google.

Don’t stop here: you should submit your XML sitemap to Google, and take advantage of Google's Webmaster tools, which allow you to keep track of how Google views your site.

Find out how to add Webmaster Tools to your site and more about your site's XML sitemap.

Submit your site to Yahoo

Click here to submit URL to Yahoo. While you are there check out the Yahoo Webmaster tools.

Submit your site to Bing

Click here to submit URL to Bing. While you are there check out the Bing Webmaster tools.

Once these steps are completed you have notified the top three search engines of your (new) website. Bear in mind it will take a while before results show up in SERPs - this is only natural and part of the indexing process. SEO will not happen overnight.