The 'contactform' widget

Use [[contactform]] to 'place' a contact form on any page in your site.

What does it look like?

[[contactform]] will display a contact form within any page of your site. We use one on our own contact page.

Where to use it

Use the [[contactform]] widget on a contact page to allow your visitors to contact you through your site.

Where does it send to

All details submitted through the [[contactform]] widget send a notification email to the notifications list as managed in the 'Config / Visibility and notifications' tab.

What to keep in mind

The [[contactform]] widget looks for a 'thanks' child page to redirect to after your visitor submits the form. Add a 'thanks' child page with a specific 'thank you' message to enhance the experience for your visitor - don't leave them hanging after they contact you. For example this is what our 'thanks' page looks like which you get directed to after you fill in the contact form on our site.

Remember to set the 'thanks' page to not show in the navigation too.